Matchmaking platform & social network in one that lets you find, follow and book the passionate instructors your friends&networks loved

Founded: Jul 2012

Santiago, Poland

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Inaika helps people streamline the process of finding the best coaches not only to teach them but to really motivate & inspire throughout the process using engaging digital channels they are used to. We also help instructors build their online presence and leverage the social networks, which they haven’t fully used to their benefit until now. We achieve the above in the following ways:

On Inaika, people can find the best-matching coaches based on their social graphs – what was done inefficiently by the word of mouth and random enquires (e.g. Facebook posts) is now only a few clicks away. Moreover, instructors can create their own profiles showcasing their real set of skills in a creative portfolio with albums & videos. Up till now, they have struggled to promote themselves in a CV-based world (odd instructors’ profiles on Linkedin).  

Importantly - Inaika is also an engagement platform and a place for people to inspire and get inspired. We focus on passionate instructors eager to share their interests and skills with the world through their inspiration feeds. We bring their lonely Facebook galleries and YouTube channels back to life on Inaika where everyone can find them. By doing this, they develop their online reputation which helps them attract new clients and opportunities.

Our other features include - but are not limited to: instructor/institution management tool with in-built calendars for on-the-spot availability, booking and managing shared classes; trustworthy ranking algorithm based on relevant networks’ opinions, popularity and performance (saves time, encourages good quality & promotes best people); and spare capacity management (links teachers with space owners to get best deals for using their idle spaces).

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