Local Event Discovery

Founded: Aug 2011

Atlanta, United States

HUGECITY: Discover what’s happening around you

HUGECITY changes the way you see Facebook’s events so you can discover what’s happening around you, see where your friends are going, and use in every city in the world today.

HUGECITY uses your Facebook Friends and Facebook Likes to show you the events that are most relevant to you. You can see who is hanging out tonight without having to text anyone and wait for them to get back to you. Since Facebook is global, HUGECITY is global. We collect and organize over 2,000,000 events and show you 100’s of events in each major city in the world every day.

HUGECITY is available for free as a website, iOS app, and mobile website. So use it when you need it, on your computer at work or on your phone while you are out. Customize your own daily, bi-weekly, or weekly email to keep track of what your friends are doing in your hometown.