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Heyo is a social shopping website created for the UK. My aim is to make shopping enjoyable and fun by bringing the social aspects online. Heyo gives you the tools to search, discover, and share products from tons of great retailers with your friends, in one place.

If you’re a seller or retailer you’ll love Heyo. You can add and sell products on Heyo 100% free, with no fees. We don’t take a penny from you. We give you a buy link option which means if you have a website for example, you can link to the product page on your website and they can click through and buy directly there. Our selling options are simple and flexible to suit you and your customers. Added to that Heyo members can share your products with all their friends with one click. Our Want button next to each product is an extremely powerful sharing tool that acts as a recommendation.

One original new feature that I’m very excited about is Hatch. What is Hatch? Well, ever wanted a product that didn’t exist (yet)? I have. Well what if there was something that let you publish a product that you’ve thought of for everyone to see - and then people could say "Wow, I want one of those!" What if thousands said they wanted one? You think the manufacturers would take notice? We do, and they would. This is Hatch. The People can say what they want, and we can prove and establish demand for it and bring community creations into existence. Isn’t that a great idea?

I’m not alone though. Michael Crowden is a good friend of mine and has been interested in my project since I first spoke of it. He is so passionate about Heyo that he quite literally put his money where his mouth is helping fund it’s development. Michael will also be helping me manage day-to-day operations and contributing his analytical brain-magic on social and retail trends.

There are tons of cool features I haven’t mentioned, and many more to come that you wont find anywhere else. So Sign Up today. It’s all free, and it’s made for you!

- Andy Harrington, Founder