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Handset Detection makes it easy to detect thousands of mobile devices, redirect mobile visitors to your mobile site and understand your mobile audience.

Victoria, Australia

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Handset Detection began life as an idea in early 2008. At the time we were doing mobile website and mobile applications work. If you've ever done any mobile development work then you'll know the two big questions are What is this device ? andWhat can it do ?.

These are fine questions to ask. Problem is the answers were not so easily found in a timely fashion.

Despite our database of a few thousand handsets we were seeing on average 200+ new devices each month. That's quite an admin load in just classifying new devices. Couple that with the fact that everytime we released a new mobile job we had to keep client databases up to date then it amounted to a serious admin burden for a small development team.

One day, out of the blue, David turned to me and said, 'You know what Richard, This would make a great webservice'. Which was an awesome idea ! We were heading down the path anyhow, only now we had some idea where we might be going :-)

So, After much collective smiling, nodding, hand waving and whiteboard sessions, Handset Detection rolled out for public BETA consumption on May 2008. We figured that it made life easier for us and it would probably be helpful to other people working in/with mobiles.

After an extended BETA and just under a few thousand signups, we officially came out of BETA and launched on July 1, 2009. Thanks to everyone who was part of the BETA, it really helped us shape the service into what it is today.