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Gvidi is an intelligent personalized restaurant search engine providing intellectual selection of food locations on the basis of users' tastes. It makes finding a place to eat quick and easy as never

Moscow, Russia

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Gvidi is your personal intelligent guide to nearby restaurants. Featured on TechCrunch! http://tcrn.ch/16usaTM

Gvidi features a massive directory of bar, restaurant, and cafe locations, photos, and reviews made more intelligent by Gvidi's personalized search score. Based on your searching, location, interests, and social profiles, Gvidi recommends the best restaurants fitting your tastes. Every recommended restaurant is given a percentage score based on its fit to your personal profile and can be filtered across multiple criteria (WiFi, non-smoking areas, working hours, and more).

At a time when the explosion of data around us is making our lives more complex, Gvidi is making finding a place to eat simple.

The Gvidi app features a clean, glossy modern design that lets you easily get recommendations by type of cuisine or location. All recommendations are easily viewed by map and in a detailed list. Give ratings to restaurants and cafes you have been to before, and connect Gvidi to your social media accounts in order to get the most accurate personalized recommendations.

Here are some of the great features:

  • Advanced Algorithms for your Appetite - sophisticated algorithms to assess restaurants with your individual tastes and preferences; system-defined generation of precise personalized recommendations
  • Detailed database of cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Handy food venue search by multiple criteria (WiFi, non-smoking areas, working hours, and so on) with the option of sorting the results by recommendations or distance
  • Opportunity to see restaurant and cafe photos and reviews, as well as rate places and leave your own comments and photos
  • Social tools for communication with friends: information on which cafes, bars and restaurants your friends visit, like and dislike, as well as the opportunity to share your opinion with them both in the app and by posting to your favorite social networks
  • Map of food locations nearby, and guided directions to them
  • Built-in table booking system (available in Russia; coming soon in the US and beyond)
  • Unique bonus set of special discounts at cafes, bars and restaurants (available in Russia; coming soon in the US and beyond)