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Founded: Feb 2010

Dubai, Argentina

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GoNabit lists one deal per day in each city. Deals provide great value buying opportunities for a limited period of time - typically 24 hours. We negotiate great discounts based on strength in numbers - we collectively commit to buying a certain number of Nabits, and in return local businesses give huge discounts.

GoNabit bridges the gap between clicks and bricks - and by activating the social value graph - truly helps people experience social commerce through strength in numbers.

GoNabit is an easy way for buyers to use strength in numbers to get great discounts and discover fun local activities. GoNabit uses short-term deals and the power of social media to amplify word-of-mouth turning individual buyers into value evangelists.

For local businesses, GoNabit is a risk-free way to promote their business to savvy young buyers in search of new things to do - with customers guaranteed. GoNabit gives advertisers the premier platform for efficient, measureable, risk-free local marketing that creates real customers.