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Glipho was created to be a leap forward in the evolution of blogging. Unlike a traditional blogging site, Glipho combines a blog platform with the approach of a social network, and harnesses the power of deeply integrated social media to help its users reach a wider audience for their posts. It simplifies sharing across social media, handles SEO for content original to Glipho, spotlights content through the Trending Articles & Writers and Active Writers features, and enables users to build their own personalised content feeds by following writers and topics of interest. Unlike other platforms, Glipho is a text-based website with a minimum wordcount of 150 words, ensuring the quality of its content and that its users focus on the writing. And at the heart of Glipho is the community of writers who have made it their blogging home. Our writers have supported each other on the road to professional publication, inspired each other internationally to set up food swaps, done photography collaborations... they've built a blogging family. Writing on the internet can be a very lonely experience, but Glipho changes that.