Monitor performance and analyze impact on ROI


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Don't Just Monitor Performance. Analyze It!

See how 

  • speed impacts user growth, retention and conversions.
  • performance varies with location, browsers, platforms, time and page types.

User Centric Analysis

Analyze users not page views. Gain deeper insights and measure true impact by analyzing unique users.

  • performance timeline for each user

  • user-centric real user monitoring ( URUM )

  • user experience breakdown

  • user retention and engagement analysis

  • user conversion analysis

Better Performance Metrics

Monitor median, 90th percentile along with averages. Get a detailed breakdown for modern browsers.

  • averages, median, percentiles

  • modern browsers details

  • support for most browsers

Segment Analysis

Segment users based on geograhic location, browser, platforms and more.

Do iOS users have a higher bounce rate on slow performance?

Measure revenue for different segments.

  • countries, states, cities

  • platforms

  • browsers

Drilldown Reports

Dive into performance data for specific location, page, browsers or platforms.

  • geographic data

  • browsers

  • platforms