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Founded: Nov 2008

San Francisco, United States

Flingo is a Smart TV apps publishing company, co-founded in 2008 by early employees of BitTorrent and based in San Francisco, CA, with a portfolio of applications and platform technologies embedded in the central processing unit (CPU) of Smart TVs. Flingo publishes more Smart TV apps than any other company with over 70 apps available on 15 million screens, in 118 countries worldwide. Its SyncApps platform enables interactive television and social television by transforming a one-way TV broadcast into a multilateral, interactive conversation. Within a few seconds, Flingo identifies what is on the TV screen and delivers relevant content and sharing capabilities directly to the viewer’s Smart TV interface or a nearby smartphone. This provides consumers the ability to interact with their shows, share their favorite moments, and exert unparalleled control over their viewing experience.

The company was originally founded to help content developers including Fox, A+E Networks, Showtime, Warner Bros., CBS, Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sanyo create apps, which is still part of its core business. In February 2012, Flingo announced a $7 million Series A investment from August Capital. In May 2012, Flingo added additional investors, closing at $8 million, including entrepreneur Mark Cuban and Gary Lauder. The funding has helped Flingo expand its presence with Smart TV and device manufacturers worldwide, building on its current partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Flingo was incorporated as Free Stream Media Corp. in 2008, a company founded by Ashwin Navin, David Harrison, Alvir Navin, Omar Zennadi and Todd Johnson.