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Founded: Mar 2012

Singapore, Singapore

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Elephanti is a revolutionary website and mobile App designed for people to connect with their favorite stores, venues and brands.

Elephanti goes beyond simply showing what’s around, it enables people to follow, interact and build up a network of places that interest them. In today’s world of social networking, Elephanti provides a dedicated space to keep in touch with the lifestyle interests of your life.

Its all about being interesting at Elephanti, and our aim is to always recommend stores and places that interest you. Since Elephanti is free, Ads is what makes our world go around. However Ads on Elephanti are different. They are always matched to your interest, so that you get to know about new stores, product launches and fabulous sales and offers that really interest you. Best part is that you can tweak your interest to match important events in your life, so you get the best out of your city right when you need it.