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Dial2Verify is a PAAS ( Platform-As-A-Service ) start-up operated from Mumbai-Bangalore & UK. We provide extremely easy to use, yet very powerful API for implementing missed call based customer identity verification (as an alternative to OTP & Captcha).

We also have developed several plug-ins on top of our platform, to integrate Dial2Verify services in 3rd party applications, with just one line of  additional code.

Dial2verify now provides local number support for International customer verifications in India / United States / United Kingdom / Italy countries and soon we are planning to expand to new geographies.

Dial2Verify is India’s FIRST and the ONLY OPEN platform providing customer verification services in Cloud.

Let me explain you how it works, with working blueprint:

Following are some use cases, which our customers have implemented using Dial2Verify Verification Engine,
1. Signup Verification: For Building a clean, trusted & authentic user base by validating their telephone numbers.

2. Lead Generation:
For Optimizing sales leads by maintaining accurate telephone data. Thereby maximizing ROI.

3. Transaction Authorization:
By using Dial2Veriy as an alternative to OTP based transaction authorization. Thereby significant reduction in the upfront costs.

4. E-commerce Cash On Delivery:
For Validating user identity before dispatching / accepting cash on delivery shipments. Thereby saving significant supply chain cost involved in fake order processing.

Website: http://dial2verify.com
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