Indian Music Streaming Service

Founded: Jan 2007

Sunnyvale, United States

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Dhingana is an Indian on-demand music service that wants its users to discover new traditional Indian and Bollywood music across the globe.

Dhingana gives access to over 350,000 songs in more than 35 Indian languages and genres. The service is available for iOS, Blackberry, Google’s Play Store, Nokia Devices and on its homepage.

Dhingana users can share music on Facebook and see what people are listening to via Facebook’s Open Graph. Users discovering music are able to like, favorite and comment on albums and playlists.

Launched in 2007, Dhingana was founded by twin brothers, Snehal & Swapnil Shinde and Sushil Choudhari, former employees of Yahoo Microsoft and Symantec. The service is based out in Silicon Valley’s Sunnyvale with offices in Pune, India.