World's first music streaming service

Founded: Aug 2006

Paris, France

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Deezer is a International leader in the streaming industry.

It is a 100% web-based solution, instantly accessible with no need to download any software. This allows consumers to listen to music on any device (smartphones, tablets, TV, Cars…), at any time and anywhere, connected or not. With 18 million licensed tracks, and more than 30.000 SmartRadio channels, Deezer is set to become the number one destination for all music fans.

Deezer is simple, intuitive and responds to fans needs to discover, listen to, organise and share all the music they love.

Already launched in all Europe Deezer will be available in over 200 countries by july 2012. Deezer has established major partnerships with global players such as Facebook and several telecom operators (Orange, Belgacom, Everything Everywhere, Deutsch Telekom…) as part of this international roll-out.