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dacadoo Health Score platform description:
dacadoo ( is based in Zurich, Switzerland and was founded as QUENTIQ AG in 2010 (and renamed to dacadoo ag in January 2012) with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and San Francisco, USA. The company is privately funded. The dacadoo platform went live in December 2011 with its online health and well-being platform, and its related application to track activity for iOS devices, followed by similar applications for Android devices in May 2012 and BlackBerry devices in June 2012. 

The company presupposes its health platform execution on the premise that sedentary lifestyles have increased the proportion of people who are overweight, have diabetes or suffer heart failure in our society thus pressuring further the already stressed healthcare budgets of most developed countries. One such study quoted is the clinical data published in the Lancet which demonstrates that insufficient activity has nearly the same effect on life expectancy as smoking. With these type of studies as their reference dacadoo has been, according to their website and press releases, developing a so-called lifestyle navigation platform that calculates a person's Health Score. The score, a number from 1 to 1000, represents a persons health status from poor to excellent and aims to represent a directional relative indicator of a user's current health and well-being status in real-time.

A Real Time Health Tracker  dacadoo App dacadoo is the name of the award winning health platform from Switzerland. The idea for dacadoo came from Peter Ohnemus who was concerned with the fact that there was no way of tracking people’s health in real time and seeing the growing rates of obesity all around the world. Ohnemus thought that the answer was an interactive and fun way to track and improve our wellbeing. Together with a team of specialists, Ohnemus set about to create a platform that accurately depicts the user’s state of health. Source:

dacadoo offers an own tracker application called the “dacadoo Tracker” to automatically track all activities without manual entry on the system. It is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry in the respective stores. dacadoo also allows to use other fitness tracking devices and can connect to external biosensor devices, such as weight scales, blood pressure cuffs or heart rate bands. 

dacadoo health platform is a secure health platform which inspires you to live a healthier life. The platform calculates your personal dacadoo health score (1 – 1000), the indicator of your current health status. By integrating gamification and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates you to be active in a fun and easy way by tracking and comparing your personal health, lifestyle and sport.

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The dacadoo health score is not a diagnostic tool that substitutes the diagnosis of a medical professional. However, an individual with a dacadoo health score of 600 is likely to be doing better, from a health and fitness perspective, than someone with a score of 300.

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Awards & Nominations – Launched in December 2011, dacadoo has racked up numerous awards and nominations, including winning the Health Media Award 2012 in Koln, taking bronze in Zurich for the “Best of Swiss Web Awards 2012″ in the category “Technology”, and being nominated as a finalist for the Swiss App Awards 2012 and 2013.

The founder of dacadoo, Peter Ohnemus had the initial idea on a ski trip in Switzerland. He realized that nowadays we can measure everything – except good health. Driven by this he strove to develop a model to understand the health in real time. That was how the dacadoo health score was born.

Gamification principles with level systems, achievements and rewards, fitness leagues and challenges have been incorporated in the platform as well as group dynamics through an own social network. 
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