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Hi there,

I thought you would be interested in our product which we just launched on Indiegogo. I wouldn't hesitate to say that our product is much better both in terms of current features and the roadmap we have set. 

It does much more than just tracking and and locating things such as:

  • Gesture based smart phone control - for example, music control, camera control, sending a location (all that a product like prissy can do) for both iOS and Android
  • Motion detection - You can put this on the door or window and get alerted when someone opens it, we also have an interesting use case that if you put this on a pill box, you can schedule your medication and get alerted if you or your dear ones miss the pill schedule
  • Extendible - Gecko comes with extendible hardware port which can be used for many applications, we have demonstrated that by plugging it to DSLR camera and be able to control DSLR from your mobile within 100 feet radius
  • Track & Find - all that Tile or StickNFind can do
  • SDK - we will open up the API and hardware port for third party accessories and app developers and provide access to our Gecko cloud and Gecko device API

This product is very versatile and best companion for smart phones. Important thing is this product is for both iOS and Android 4.3. We have it working on Samsung S4 as well.

Launch link on Indiegogo -

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Twitter: @mygeckotag 

Press Kit:

Do let me know if you have any queries on this product and I will be very happy to provide inputs. We have created the press kit for your ready reference.

Thank you and look forward to your expert review and feedback on our product.

Kind regards,

Bahubali V. Shete
Managing Director
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