Founded: Jun 2013



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Not just "another social network"

Facebook and Mobile internet devices has changed the way we socialize, communicate and interact with others, promoting and speeding up social relationships. 

Facebook looks like a large telematic square, where you can find everyone / everything. Whereas this is good for freedom of thought and of the press, on the other hand it is not always quality information. But often relationships are transient and superficial. 
It seems more and more that Facebook is the mirror of the narcissistic society we live in, primarily composed of self-centered individuals and at the same time with a fragile identity, dependent on the judgment of others and their confirmations.

Hence the project CODOQU starts, a social aggregator, an idea that wants to restore lifeblood to interpersonal relationships and communication. A lifeblood made of culture and knowledge sharing, meeting and "real" dialogue among individuals. CODOQU gets you out of web through social events to rediscover the effectiveness of a tangible socialization building up real, unique and durable relationships but especially constructive for the life of each of us and for society in which we live in.