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Never leave your credit card behind the bar again, with CLIPP



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It's Sunday morning; you open your wallet to pay for breakfast only to discover your credit card is missing. It's still behind a bar from last night. 

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario that CLIPP is putting an end to for Australian bar hoppers.  CLIPP allows users to open, view, share and pay a bar tab via their Smartphone.

Now available in leading Sydney and Brisbane bars, CLIPP will be available in Melbourne in the coming months.

Available for iPhone, Blackberry10 and Android, CLIPP uses new technology to provide a safe and secure payment option for running a bar tab, erasing the hassle or threat of stolen payment information due to lost or forgotten credit cards behind a bar.

CLIPP also eliminates long lines at the bar giving you more time to spend with your friends or date.

Free to download, CLIPP is simple to navigate. Users open a tab via the app. Customers present their tab number on their Smartphones to the staff, which is verified by name and photo.

An itemized tab can be viewed at any time and the customer can close their tab from their phone, or the tab automatically closes when the customer is 500m from the venue, meaning no more waiting in line to pay a tab at the end of the night.

Users earn points with every tab; which can be redeemed at any venue with the CLIPP technology. Venues already on board include The Flynn, The Argyle, Quay Bar, Bavarian Bier Café York St and O’Connell St, The White Horse, Broncoes Studio 153 and Aspley Hornets, with many more planned for the coming months.