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Interactive video monetization platform

Founded: Jun 2012

Tokyo, Japan

Cinemacraft is a developer of visionary and path breaking Immersive video platform. Cinemacraft flagship product videogram.

Videogram is pictorial summary of video. The video is automatically analyzed (based on color, features, etc) and represented with different-sized keyframes packed in a visually pleasing form reminiscent of a comic book. Videogram allows for a quick overview of a video’s at a glance. Videogram replaces video thumbnails on publishers sites to enable efficient content discovery. It can also be used on mobile by consumers to stream from a visually interesting point rather than the whole video. Visit

The company also provides Platform API to third parties to deploy their own innovative media solutions from Cinemacraft’s cloud. The Company has an exciting range of interactive media technologies and applications in further development. For more information, visit