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Founded: Feb 2000

452001, Australia

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CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified IT Services Provider Company, headquartered in the Central part of India at Indore. CDN is a one-stop-shop for IT Services as it provides services in Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Web development, Web designing and Multimedia.

We have an enviable delivery record of over 849+ projects and a combined experience of 12,41,000+ working hours that has enabled CDN to become technology partners to software development houses globally. CDN is constantly striving towards adopting industry standards to provide flexible global delivery model for our clients. Geographically CDN has a substantial client base in 18+ countries especially in Middle East Region, USA, Europe, Asia, etc. CDN Solutions Group has the following division under its flag:

Software and Web Development-

Mobile Application Development-

High- end Design & Multimedia-

CDN develop high quality software solutions based on the individual specifications of each client. The understanding of the requirements raised altogether with the quality in the process development, are the key factors to obtain the satisfaction of our clients. We apply the best CMMI v1.2 - Level 3 practices.

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