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Campus Crunch is a magazine written by the college students and for the college students. We target everything happening in and around your campus and providing you your own sorted direction for a simpler and more entertaining college life!

Campus Crunch is a unique initiative undertaken by a group of energetic, young, opinionated and enthusiastic college students. Our main aim lies in providing you with the instant support and aid whenever stuck in some college query. Be it management, career prospective, counselling, interview training or your personal life, love life, beauty, friendship and entertainment, we talk about it all!

We have no staff members or any artists. We purely depend upon the college students for their first hand submission from their own college experiences, thus resulting in articles that contain real feel expressions and resources. You could any day connect better to something that is written out with personal experience rather than something just being artificial. We also have experts nationwide for our content.

Campus Crunch is all about you, your life, your campus and counselling, what better than it being done by us; your own college friends/students. Let us bring a change into your lives!