Goodbye PowerPoint! Bunkr is going beyond presentation!

Founded: Dec 2011

Rouen, France

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Collect, Organize, Present: 
Bunkr is a web application, which allows you to collect and organize everything (photos, videos, articles, notes, websites...) in your private library. Then, to insert them easily in a presentation (HTML5, PPT, PDF).

The best way to use your content: 
Today, there are a lot of applications already accessible which allow you to collect different content from the Web (Evernote, Pinterest, Pocket,...) but none that can make use of this content both easily and quickly. With Bunkr, you select your content from your library and use it in your presentations with a simple drag and drop.

A new HTML5 presentation format: 
We have created a HTML5 presentation format: lighter, faster, and no installation required. Say goodbye to heavy presentations that cannot be sent by email. Bunkr HTML5 presentation: simple to share and readable on all devices (pc, smartphone, tablet, tv...). And if you are PPT or PDF lover: no worries, we do that too.