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Founded: Feb 2006

New York, United States

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Behance is on a mission to organize and empower the creative world. Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. Creative professionals broadcast their work widely and efficiently, and companies access talent on a global scale. Millions use Behance to display and find talent every month. Behance’s platform also serves as the backbone for AdWeek, LinkedIn, and thousands of other portfolio sites and online galleries of creative talent.

Behance’s platform attracts millions of visitors who come to discover top talent, along with powering creative networks for top schools and organizations, distributing work to other online galleries, and enabling portfolio display throughout the social web. And with Behance ProSite, members can create fully customizable personal portfolio sites that sync with their work on Behance, for maximum efficiency and reach.

By the Winter of 2011, Behance ( ( and its associated category-specific “Served sites”) was receiving over 50 million pageviews from over 9 million visitors per month.

Behance’s other projects that empower creative professionals:

THE 99% ( The 99% is Behance’s think tank and conference, devoted to researching best practices of the world’s most productive creative people. Its daily web magazine shares tips and insights on idea execution. Its annual conference takes place in New York City every spring and has included such luminaries as Fred Wilson, Jack Dorsey, and Seth Godin. The conference sells out a year in advance and serves as a powerful brand building initiative for Behance.

ACTION METHOD ( The Action Method is an intuitive approach to task management, designed to help creative thinkers push their ideas into action.