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Live video company

Founded: May 2007

Stockholm, Sweden

Real Time  Video  Mobile 

Bambuser is an interactive mobile video streaming platform, enabling users to quickly and easily stream and share live mobile video with all of their favorite social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Wordpress, RSS and Blogspot. Used by both professional broadcasters and consumers worldwide, Bambuser is the easiest and most dynamic video streaming solution available for 3G and Wifi devices. Featuring geo-location tagging, integrated web storage, and one click social sharing, Bambuser is the smart mobile video solution. Bambuser is currently available for iPhoneOS, Symbian, Android, Nokia Maemo, Symbian, and Windows Mobile platforms. For more information visit

Founded in Sweden in 2007, Bambuser is the leading provider of mobile video streaming platforms for consumers, media companies and brands. With support for over 200 different mobile devices worldwide, Bambuser enables anyone to quickly and easily harness the power of live social video.

Bambuser is drawing comparisons to mobile videocasting service Qik. The major difference is the lower latency that bambuser offers due to different technical approaches. Another difference between the services is that Bambuser offers streaming both from your computer and mobile, while Qik only allows streaming from the mobile.

In October 2009 Bambuser was the first of the live streaming start-ups to allow users to stream video directly from their mobiles to their Facebook Wall.