Learn Languages Online

Founded: Aug 2007

Berlin , Germany


The online learning system for adults, with over 15 million users, is one of the leading online and mobile language learning tool of its kind. It is based on the latest technology, modern educational methods and a high fun-factor, making foreign language learning easy and enjoyable.

The web and iPad app offer a comprehensive and in-depth way to learn a language. In addition to the courses, you can also practice your vocabulary offline and on the go with numerous vocabulary-training apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire.

In stark contrast to other platforms that are quite regimented and continue to use traditional learning tools such as CD-ROMs, babbel.com relies on a mixture of methods combining classic, interactive pronunciation, grammar and listening-comprehension exercises with authentic dialogues from everyday life.

Numerous courses for beginners and continuing learners are available. Vocabulary, grammar and review, as well as original, thematically-organized lessons such as Idioms, the Digital World, Politics, Sports or Travel, allow you to learn whatever, however and wherever you want.

The integrated review manager keeps track of individuals’ progress and determines optimal intervals for presenting material for review. In the Babbel Community, learners can search for language-exchange partners and interact via the forum or chat.

Designed by a team of software experts and language-instruction professionals at the Berlin-based company Lesson Nine, the courses are always up to date.

With courses in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Brazilian, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch, babbel.com provides Grammar courses, vocabulary trainers and blends social networking with vocabulary-developing and sentence-building tools. Simply choose one of the thirteen languages at www.babbel.com, sign up, and get started. The first lesson for each language can be sampled for free.

The success story began in 2007 when three friends from the music software industry noticed that it was not possible to learn languages on the internet. Originally, the idea had been to provide a tool for mixing music online. Lesson Nine founders Thomas Holl and Toine Diepstraten have many years of application development, IT management, community cultivation and interactive media experience. The other two founders, Lorenz Heine, was a co-founder and CFO of Native Instruments, and has extensive entrepreneurial experience in the software industry, while Markus Witte has online marketing and management experience, and a solid academic grounding in language, cultural theory and media. Head of Content Production Miriam Plieninger is an experienced expert and holds a Master’s degrees in language instruction.