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App Discovery and Promotion Platform

Founded: Jan 2009

Paris, France

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Appsfire is a global leading discovery and distribution platform for mobile apps which includes an elegant and sophisticated recommendation engine, and unique app specific advertising technology.

Appsfire is first a destination for consumers with a mobile app providing a fun and beautifully designed recommendation engine.

Appsfire’s business operates both on iOS and the Android platform. We help developers accelerate their user acquisition cycle with a unique set of non incentivized advertising units exposed to millions of users all over the world. In a matter of hours an app can climb up the charts in various countries in the world.

Appsfire also helps keeping the users of an app engaged with the App Booster SDK: A simple notification system coupled with a powerful feedback system.

Appsfire developed also Appstatics, the simplest and most powerful tool to track the performance of iOS and Mac apps in the App Store rankings.