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Cross-Network Advertising Platform

Founded: May 2012

San Francisco, United States


AdStage Inc. is an advertising technology startup building advanced tools to help businesses build, manage and optimize online ad campaigns.

AdStage is a self-serve cross-network online advertising platform with full management and analytics across search, display, social and mobile ad networks like Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn. The all-in-one marketing platform, complete with an integrated app system, is offered to advertisers of all sizes.

Their first app on the platform, AdStage Express, is an easy-to-use tool to build and deploy new ad campaigns across multiple ad networks simultaneously. From a single flow, you can create your ads, target the perfect audience and deploy across Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn. AdStage then optimizes your spend against your goals. Its pre-flight recommendation mechanism, ad staging, uses predictive algorithms to tell you where to advertise, how much to spend, and why before you spend a dollar.

With investment of over $2.5M from Freestyle Capital, Quest VP, Dave McClure/500S, Digital Garage, LAUNCH Fund, XG Ventures, Mark Mullen and Stewart Alsop.