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Enterprise Guide to Drupal

Founded: Dec 2007

Burlington, United States

Acquia is a private, fast-growth company that supports enterprises that use the free and open-source content-management system Drupal. Co-founded by Drupal’s creator in 2007, Acquia provides clients with software, consultation, hosting, and services to help them launch their sites faster and keep them running with more confidence.

Acquia provides custom configurations of Drupal built to help you get up to speed quickly; Drupal-optimized cloud-based hosting; a network of tools and services designed to simplify the operation & maintenance of Drupal-based sites; and enterprise-quality Drupal support to help keep your sites updated and healthy.

Drupal allows people to build powerful websites with little effort simply by combining different modules into one site. Acquia helps organizations operate and extend their Drupal websites, extending Drupal adoption into new markets.

Its products include:

  • Acquia Network: Access to tools, documentation, and human
  • Acquia Cloud: Managed Cloud for high-availability applications and Dev Cloud for developers and hands-on managers
  • Drupal Gardens: A way to build and host Drupal-based sites through a web browser
  • Downloadable software: Acquia Dev Desktop, Acquia Drupal, and Drupal Commons
  • Professional services: Performance, migration and security consultation; project management, technical architecture and Drupal training.