Need to Bang Out Some Bhangra? Pocket Bhangra Is Just The Ticket

Need to Bang Out Some Bhangra? Pocket Bhangra Is Just The Ticket

Are you a fan of Bhangra music and would like to be able to create your own? Maybe be your own Bhangra band? If you have an iOS device, now you can.  I saw this in the Vancouver Sun today, Pocket Bhangra (on sale for $1.99 until Nov 10th for Diwali) let’s you play, record, and save your own loops to make your own creations.

Created in Vancouver by programmer Paul Boparai, who is also a guitarist in the South Asian fusion hip hop band A-Slam, thought it would be cool to be able for people to create Bhangra on the go. So he recorded his friends playing tumbi, tabla, and dhol and made the app 

“Just playing with my bandmates and seeing them play these instruments, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to make an app that has South Asian instruments,’ “

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The YouTube video posted for the app also shows some of the new features like creating and saving your own loops

I just wish I had a lick of musical talent so I could justify getting this app. If any reader buys the app and creates something cool, let me know in the comments. I’d love to give a listen.

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