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Hoefler & Frere-Jones has launched its web typography service, Cloud.typography


Who are you?

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The new MacBook Air: Just how good is the new battery life?

gmail new inbox

Is The New Gmail Autofiltering Inbox All It's Cracked Up To Be?

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Check out the world's first "Apply with Twitter, on Twitter" job ad

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Customer tweets complaint about HSBC, competing bank sings to compete

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Google Trends now ranks the most searched for people, places and things

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CardNinja: The Most-Used Phone Accessory I've Ever Owned

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GOLD: TV at gas station talks to couple at pump, lets them sing for free petrol.


The sweetest photo to come out of The Next Web Europe Conference

Video thumbnail for youtube video Announcing the final 5 contenders for the EU Commission's Europioneers: The European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

The 5 Finalists for Europioneers: The European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards


No, The Next Web Doesn't Buy Retweets. Never Has, Never Will.