Michael Klurfeld

Michael Klurfeld is a Chicago-based musician and technologist specializing in legal happenings and public policy. You can find him on Twitter here, or send him an email here.

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School Avoids Criminal Charges For Using Laptops To Spy On Students


Why Hulu IPO Is Unlikely


Research Suggests Smartphones Would Use Less Power With More Antennae


Google's Clarification of Its Net Neutrality Proposal Leaves Much To Be Desired

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Microsoft: 'Annoying Vista Features Made Windows As Secure As Unix'


Microsoft Bolsters WP7 Launch With In-House Mobile Games Studio

Picklive - Cricket scoring

Hilarious animated telling of Jet Blue flight attendant fiasco

data v voice pricing_THUMB

2013: when you'll pay more for data than voice

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Analysis of the FCC's response to the Google-Verizon proposal


FTC Drops The Hammer On Domain Registrar Scammer


Google & Verizon Announce Public Net Neutrality Support, With Caveats


Verizon Roadmap: Droid Pro Is First GSM/CDMA Phone