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Bono on Apple: “…you cannot get people this smart to work this hard just for money"

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Microsoft CFO Peter Klein Out In 2013

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Twitter Adds Keyword Targeting To Ad Platform


Facebook Team Taps Tweetie And Pull To Refresh Creator Loren Brichter


Mini Display converts any iPhone or iPad into an external display for your Mac

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Status Board For iPad Gives You A Gorgeous, Customizable Display, Just Like A Startup

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Apple Reportedly Bans Comic Issue For Graphic Depictions Of Gay Sex

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Apple Says iMessage and Facetime Services Are Down For Some


Preview: The Apple Pop-Up Museum


Chrome for iOS Gets Full-Screen iPhone Browsing, Printing Via AirPrint and Google CloudPrint


AppGratis CEO Explains Its App Store Removal


Obvious Co.-Backed Branch Removes Groups And Other Features To Prepare For Its Next Phase