Josh Horwitz

Josh Horwitz is an intern for TNW based out of Taipei, Taiwan, where he enjoys studying Mandarin, translating forgotten Taiwan independent films, playing German board games, and rowing on his dragon boat crew team. You can find him on Twitter at @HorwitzJosh, and can email him at

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Hotly Anticipated iPhone 5 Goes In Sale In Stores

Apple develops technology that can tell you whether to call or text your friends

china flag

China cracks down on online piracy and removes two major sites for illegal downloads

A woman views the Chinese social media w

Sina Weibo to add third-party app support to its social network


Taobao to offer Xiami’s music streaming service across its e-commerce site in China


Mobile chat apps eat into SMS in China: Person-to-person text messaging is down 11% in a year


China Mobile confronts WeChat's stellar growth with plans to resurrect its own messaging service

iran flag

ZTE ends its business operations in Iran, following US probing


Hootsuite widens its service in China with support for Tencent Weibo

Visitors gather at the Huawei both durin

Despite controversy, Huawei is making strides in the South Pacific


Kiddie Game Makers Reach 5 Million Downloads, Set Sights on Shanghai


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Children Using Smartphones

Kabam establishes $50 million fund for Japan game developers