David Reinhardt

David is a London based technologist working for BSG (UK). He likes to think about how people and organisations get the most out of emerging technologies. You can find him on his blog and Twitter.

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How sporting events and iPhone apps are transforming the game.


Sure, content is king - but if no-one finds your content there's little point

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To follow or not to follow?

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Making LinkedIn work for employer and employee

3UK MiFi

Twitter blowing its own vuvuzela

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Cybersnub: What really happens when you say "no" to that friend request

CEO Jeff Weiner

LinkedIn's Twitter upgrade may be that "light bulb" moment for a new generation of Tweeters

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Are you chasing your blog audience away?

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How To Build The Perfect Mobile App For Your Publication

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Video killed the radio star, Facebook killing the Foursquare star?

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Social Media Strategy for Startups


Twitter influences our Education System