David Reinhardt

David is a London based technologist working for BSG (UK). He likes to think about how people and organisations get the most out of emerging technologies. You can find him on his blog and Twitter.

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Crystal ball

5 trends shaping the next few years


Curated.by brings a meaningful way to curate and share Twitter content


Curated.by brings curation to Twitter


Handling Facebook friend requests from colleagues and clients


Could this be the dumbest forum post ever?

Cell centre

Company sued for renaming dissatisfied customer: Mr. Stupid Person.

Picture 1519 copy

What if social media decided the Premier League?


Am I the only person mourning Google Wave?

9973 thumbnail

12 different ways of visualising Twitter data


Google losing their grip on the straight and narrow

9975 mobile checkin 400 x 250

Today British Airways passengers were able to check-in using their iPhones for the first time

9976 hands 400 x 250

The intranet is dead. Long live the intranet.