Chikodi Chima

Chikodi is the West Coast editor of The Next Web, a multimedia producer and entrepreneur who travels the world in search of innovative foods and spicy tech. Asked to choose a favorite, he would answer "both." Chikodi loves apps, does Twitter, Linkedin and has a thing for Tumblr.

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Apple's iPad 2x More Popular than Kindle


Comedy and Cash at 500 Startups Demo Day

Peacock finds badass coders


$5 million in illegal downloads as art

PicPlum Packaging

PicPlum sends photo prints home


Post Post kills the noise in your Twitter stream, creating your ideal community

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Post Post Tames The Twitter Flood

new folder from selection

Star Trek fan proposes at Comic Con

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 02.02.38

Anonymous protesters go after BART. This time OFFline. [Video & Photos]

Cafe Couple Ifoeva

Find people who share your interests

Picture 2

Alphyn's gadget-loving clothes

Education Technology mwoodward Flickr

Education is SIlicon Valley's next rush