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Microsoft reportedly bringing Xbox and PC titles to iPhone via partnership with Japanese game firm Klab


Simply Measured Now Supports Instagram Videos


Leap Motion expands its beta for developers, plans to open its dev portal to the public

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The latest Internet surveillance leaks demand a sea change in how we view our digital privacy


Britain's spy agency GCHQ reportedly taps the fiber-optic cables of the Internet en masse just as the NSA does


Microsoft taps former Xbox designer to be Chief Design Officer of Xbox Entertainment Studios


Rules dictate the NSA can store collected communications of US citizens for up to five years, sans warrant


Sprint ups its Clearwire bid to $5 per share, wins board's 'unanimous recommendation'


Facebook investors not a-twitter about Instagram's new video features


Facebook launches new Instagram video stabilization feature 'Cinema'

2013-06-19_16h56_30's missing email bug resurfaces as users report deleted inboxes and mail gaps


Apple's iMessage tops list of New Zealand Telecom's most-used messaging services last month