Myntra, an e-commerce company which calls itself “India’s biggest player for fashion and lifestyle products,” has just acquired, which sells Indian designer-made clothes, jewelry and home decor for the US and UK market. With this deal, Myntra is also acquiring‘s sports-inspired clothing brand Sher Singh.

This deal comes with little suprise, after the company raised $25 million and was rumored to have a “mega-acquisition” in the works.

While the terms of the acquisition have yet to be disclosed, we do know that it consists of cash and equity, and that’s management and employees will be “folded into” Myntra. Myntra explains that it also has plans to maintain’s NY-based design studio.

From Myntra Co-Founder & CEO Mukesh Bansal (emphasis: TNW):

We are very excited about this acquisition.’s team has built a niche offering of high-end traditional Indian brands which speaks to the global marketplace. We are very confident that this acquisition will significantly enhance Myntra’s fashion and design expertise and create inroads for global expansion.

With this acquisition, Myntra is growing its portfolio within India, while expanding further into the US and UK. Without a doubt, it’s a sign that there’s quite a bit more expansion to come.