Amazon’s Anime Adult Attractions, the poll you’ve all been waiting for.

Amazon’s Anime Adult Attractions, the poll you’ve all been waiting for.

Online retailer Amazon is one of the most successful web companies to make the transition to Japan.  Key to its success in penetrating new markets is localisation of its product portfolio to the host country.

A prime example in comic book crazy Japan is the Adult Anime PC Games market where Amazon has been very successful.  Top titles sell on its Japanese site for anywhere between 7,000 and 10,000 yen (about $80 – $120).

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The market is so strong in fact that Amazon runs an annual competition allowing customers to vote for their favourite anime  “bishoujo” (beautiful girl) characters.

This year’s competition (don’t worry that page is pretty innocuous but be careful of following links if you’re at work), which runs until 20th December presents visitors with a list of 49 characters selected from Amazon’s Adult Anime bestsellers list for 2010.

There is no word on Amazon’s site about prizes in this ‘competition’, so, even though customers must log in to vote, it looks like discretion will be maintained for the voters.

So, if you’re that way inclined, you can vote secure in the knowledge that your Wife/Partner/Mother/Kids/Friends/Colleagues (delete where applicable) wont find out, unless, of course, you forget to clear your history afterwards.

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