Sony is planning to release a firmware update for the Playstation 3 in the near future enabling 3D output support (3D as in 3D glasses not polygons); according to a conversation PC World had with Nainan Shah, VP of platforms, planning and development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The update would allow games and movies with 3D content to be viewed in the third dimension in the comfort of your home. Sony appears to be taking the charge in 3D, with James Cameron’s Avatar still flying high in the public’s mind after winning 3 Academy Awards.

Perhaps after Sony adds the 3D display addition, Avatar will be re-released on Bluray with stereoscopic video added?

While this sounds like good news for Playstation 3 owners, the bad news comes to those who already own a new HDTV. The 3D update will not work on the current generation of HDTVs. Thus consumers will need to upgrade to a new TV with 3D display support in order to take advantage of the new display option.

Plus don’t forget a couple pairs of those funky 3D glasses everyone knows and “loves” for the living room.

Source: GameSpy —  Photo courtesy of Kyle Hasegawa