The Gruffalo takes his purple prickles to iOS with six puzzle games

The Gruffalo takes his purple prickles to iOS with six puzzle games

“A mouse took a walk through the deep, dark wood…” – if you’re a parent, you’ll know how the rest goes. Yes, The Gruffalo has been a perennially popular nighttime reading for kids for more than a decade, and has even spun out a sequel, a West End/Broadway play, and a short film. Now, the purple-prickled, knobbly-kneed ‘monster’ has an app too.

Magic Light Pictures, the same London-based company that produced The Gruffalo film, has introduced an iOS-only app that challenges its users to outwit the Gruffalo with six puzzle games, each designed to develop logic, reactions or general problem solving skills. As with the book, it’s aimed at 3 – 7 year olds, though there’s nothing stopping parents having a go too.

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While you’ll be pleased to know there are no in-app purchases, it will cost you $4.99 (USD)/£2.99 (GBP) to download in the first instance. Given the popularity of The Gruffalo among kids the world over, we reckon it’ll prove a hit.

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