From encrypted messaging, to tools that tell you what to pack for holiday, we covered a lot of ground with new iOS apps in July.

Here, we filter through the cacophonous crackle to present you with our selection of the best App Store newcomers from the past month.


Strictly speaking, MyRoll isn’t an entirely new app, but July saw the already popular Flayvr app change its name and pivot in a slightly new direction. MyRoll is an intelligent mobile gallery app that displays all your best photos as ‘moments’, automatically organizing your snaps based on its analysis of each photo’s make-up.

In a nutshell, it prioritizes shots that are in-focus, contain smiling faces, bright colors, and so on.



Hours is a nifty little time-tracking app that comes courtesy of former Apple Design Award winner Tapity.

 BlockDetail 220x3901 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    TimerRunning 220x3901 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

While anyone with a need to manage multiple timelines will find this useful, it’s perhaps more directly aimed at those working in the project management realm. At any rate, it’s pretty slick and is beautifully designed.



PackPoint really is for the lazy. By asking you a number of questions, it determines what you’ll need to take with you on a trip to ensure you don’t forget anything.

PackPoint iOS 730x4291 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

It’s nicely designed, and the app itself is genuinely handy, though you probably won’t want to rely 100% on this if you have very specific requirements for your holiday.



Asana is the slick collaborative task and project management startup from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Facebooker Justin Rosenstein. The popular productivity platform did have an iPhone app already, but it was basically an HTML5 wrapper. July saw Asana’s first foray into fully native iOS app territory, one that also heralded in support for iPad.




With 3DBin, you can create an animated photo of any entity. The iPhone app helps you create 360-degree or 180-degree photos – all you do is circle around your subject and shoot a series of shots. 3DBin then stitches them together to create something a little more encapsulating, covering multiple angles.

2014 07 14 00.43.131 220x390 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    2014 07 14 00.49.111 220x390 20 of the best new iOS apps from July


Facebook Messenger

It was a long time coming, but Facebook finally optimized its Messenger app for iPad users.

fb 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Though you could use Facebook Messenger on your iPad before, it was a blown-up version of the iPhone incarnation. And for many, this update was long overdue.

Facebook Messenger


Wiper is a secure messaging app that permanently deletes your conversations with one click. It’s basically like WhatsApp or Telegram, except it introduces a button that wipes messages from the sender’s phone, recipient’s phone and the company’s own servers in seconds.

w1 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

But that’s not all. Wiper also offers encrypted HD voice calling, and tells you when the other person takes a screenshot of your text-based conversation.


Anchor Pointer

Anchor Pointer isn’t your typical navigation app. It bypasses turn-by-turn directions to return you to specific points where you’ve dropped virtual anchors. It’s more about remembering how to get back to somewhere than anything else.

assd 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    asdfad 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

You can meet friends by using the compass in any public place (requires Facebook tie-up), remember where that hidden alleyway coffee shop is, or use it to re-find your car.

Anchor Pointer


Haste is like QuizUp meets Boggle. It’s a fast-paced, friends vs. friend game built around real-time, live multiplayer action. It takes the age-old word-search puzzle game ethos, or more specifically Boggle, and gives it the 2014 treatment.

haste 730x283 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

You can either connect up with Facebook to play friends, or enter as a ‘Guest’ to be matched with a random opponent. It’s free with ads, or $1.99 without.



CitizenMe is an interesting one for sure. Its basic premise is to serve as an aggregator of all the Terms of Service of popular apps installed on your phone, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It then flags any potentially iffy specifics, and highlights what’s good and bad.

CitizenMe services 220x3901 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    CitizenMe terms 220x3901 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

An added facet of CitiznMe, however, is that it monitors the language you use in social media posts, and lets you know what kind of persona you’re conveying.



To-do list apps are ten-a-penny, but Tinker is a nice addition to the increasingly saturated space. It promises to organize your life through duration-based goals, and what this simplistic app lacks in features, it more than makes up for in design.

With Tinker, you create individual tasks, give them a name, starting time (date) and duration (up to 24 hours in length). Hit the ‘tick’, and you’re good to go.


Google Analytics

Google was on fire this month, launching three new apps for iOS. One of these was the long-anticipated Google Analytics.

 20 of the best new iOS apps from July     20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Google Analytics lets you access all of your Web and app data as usual, but now it’s packaged in a mobile-friendly format for Apple devices. You can peruse page-view figures and real-time reports of traffic by region, source and more.

Google Analytics

Next: YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio

A fortnight after Google launched its YouTube Creator Studio app for Android, the internet giant introduced a version for iPhone users too.

gyc 730x283 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

With the app, creatives can manage their channel, including checking stats, responding to comments and setting up customized push notifications.

YouTube Creator Studio


Ingress is perhaps chiefly notable as it’s an augmented reality game for iOS, courtesy of Google. It was quietly pushed out to the App Store more than six months after it was opened to Android.

ingres 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

In the game, players are either part of the resistance or enlightened teams battling to collect and control the powerful ‘Exotic Matter,’ which is located virtually in real-life locations around the world.



Next’s notability comes from the fact it was created by Christopher Gulczynski, who’s better known as the co-founder of the crazy-popular Tinder. As with Tinder, Next is all about the swiping – but this isn’t about securing you a hot date.

next 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    nexty 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Budding musicians and song-writers can use Next to record short videos from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length. Users can view 30-second excerpts of the songs, swiping left to dismiss and swiping right to like.


Following its launch on Android back in April, finally launched for iPhone to help you learn languages simply by browsing the Web. You’ll probably want to install the Chrome extension too, as it lets you add words to your account when you’re browsing from your desktop.

Lingualy iOS21 730x4161 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Your first step when setting up is to indicate the language that you’re learning, after which you can manually type or paste words into the dictionary, and it will give you the translation in your mother tongue.

With the browser extension, you can highlight foreign-language words from the Web and add them to your cloud-based account, and they are then accessible through the mobile app as well.


Kickstarter has had a dedicated iPhone app for a while already, and fellow crowdfunding platform Indiegogo finally launched on too in July – but in Canada only. However, as of yesterday, it’s now available globally too.

IGG IOS 730x4251 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

The app lets you keep track of campaigns you’re watching and have backed, while campaign owners can manage their projects too. It’s been a long time coming.



Timeful draws on academic research from Stanford and Duke to add artificial intelligence to your mobile calendar. As it learns your schedule, it can automatically prioritize and allocate tasks in your free time.

Timeful 520x408 20 of the best new iOS apps from July


Timeful has created an “Intention Genome” that classifies the types of activities you have on your list. It then ranks them using a behavioral science-inspired algorithm.



Wikipedia’s iOS app got a complete overhaul this week. It’s now completely native and lets you edit articles as well as browse.

Wikipedia 520x366 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

There are a few more ‘Easter Eggs’ worth discovering that you don’t immediately realize are there. For example, in addition to serving up easy access to your ‘Saved’ favorites, there’s now a ‘Recent’ option which delivers easy access to all your recent reads on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia for iOS


6Wunderkinder released a completely rebuilt version of Wunderlist at the end of July. Going beyond just to-do lists, the plan is for Wunderlist to become “the home of the world’s lists,” from how-to guides to reading recommendations and beyond.

Wunderlist 520x451 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

The app also has a new look and boasts real-time syncing whenever you make a change to a list.

➤ Wunderlist


Special mentions…

Bolt (New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore)

In a somewhat unusual launch strategy, Instagram introduced a new standalone app in July – but only in New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

bolt1 730x6481 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Bolt’s basic premise is pretty similar to that of Snapchat: you snap and send images to friends by tapping their avatar at the bottom, and you can write on the photos too.


PlaceUs (US/Canada Only)

Alohar Mobile is a new location-centric startup created by former Google Maps architect Sam Liang, and July saw a new iPhone app launch to bring a little contextual intelligence to location sharing.

PlaceUs App Store 2 220x3891 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    PlaceUs App Store 5 220x3891 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US and Canada for now, but it’s ultimate goal is to help people stay connected with just a close circle of friends and family. As it learns your routines, it can do things like automatically send a message to your wife/husband when you’re on your way home from work. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though – the possibilities here are plentiful.


Timista (London only)

Timista is a smart planner app for Londoners, automatically surfacing things to do based on three key metrics – location, time and availability. It’s like a digital concierge, morphing activities, bespoke plans and availability to tell you exactly what you should be doing, and when, in the UK capital.

t 20 of the best new iOS apps from July    tim1 20 of the best new iOS apps from July

Timista works straight out of the box. No signing up, no accounts, just simple questions to establish the basic parameters around which you’d like to find something to do. It’s beautifully designed, too.


Jump (London only)

Jump for is a slick, real-time bus-tracker for London-dwellers. It shows you bus stops in your locale, letting you tap and scroll horizontally to find the bus you want – a lot of attention has been given to design detail here.

You can also track the progression of buses as it moves around, and set alerts for when it’s due to arrive.


What…you want more?!?

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