Fresh from the news that Fleksy was launching its keyboard app for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2, the San Francisco-based company has announced its smart keyboard for Android will support 17 additional languages, bringing its total tongue count up to 37.

Among the new languages are Norwegian, Catalan, Hebrew, Croatian and Romanian, while a handful of regional variants have also been introduced, including UK English, Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian and Latin American Spanish. These will only be available through the beta version of the app for now, which you’ll need to apply to join.

Fleksy Shot 2

Fleksy was one of the first companies to announce its plans for iOS 8, when Apple’s operating system will finally allow system-wide keyboards from third-party developers. Today’s news will tie in with that launch too, with the startup revealing it will have 40 languages available for iOS 8 on launch.

Fleksy Beta