From Google Maps to Scout, the App Store is already awash with ways of getting you from A to B and beyond. With Passenger, things follow a similar, familiar path, insofar as you plot your journey from start to finish, but this is more about checking-in, sharing information with friends, and viewing your travel stats over time.

Here’s how it works. You enter your starting point (i.e. where you currently are) and end point. Passenger gives you a list of routes, you select which one to check-in on, and you’re good to go.


Passenger is a “travel-sharing app”, however, which means that social is at its core – for example, you can connect with friends, and garner travel directions and other advice for a given route.


When you reach your destination, Passenger automatically checks-out. And over time, your entire travel history is collated to display stats and insights, such as how long you spent walking, or on the train. Also, the more trips you take, the more achievements you’re able to unlock – yes, you can earn badges if that’s your thing.

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Passenger is kind of like Citymapper meets Foursquare, though is nowhere near as extensive as either of these. Still, it’s a nicely-designed app that could find a following if it can garner enough traction.

It’s available to download from the App Store now. Meanwhile, check out the official promo skit below.


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