Picture the scene: You’re guffawing over some photos you just took of your buddies larking around, and everyone now wants to see the hilarious snaps. You’re happy to hand your iPhone over, except you also have a bunch of other images on there you’d rather they didn’t see. It may scream FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, but it’s a quandary nonetheless.

This is where Overswipe for iPhone wants to help, as it lets you choose which snaps are visible.

Once you’ve given Overswipe permission to access your gallery, you tick each photo you’re happy to share, and then you hit ‘Display’. However, you’ll probably want to cough up for the $0.99 upgrade, which lets you reveal more than five images at a time.

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Couldn’t your buddy just exit the gallery and view your other photos anyway? Yes, yes they could. But the Pro option also lets you set a passcode, which prevents viewers from closing the gallery mode within the app.

Overswipe isn’t going to change the world. But it’s a pretty simple idea that fixes a problem many people have, creating an instant, siloed photo album that’s separate from the rest of your images.

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