TeeVee has been helping TV fans track their favorite shows for a while already, and with the latest update arriving in the App Store, the app’s users have been given a few extra nuggets to feast on.

The now-titled TeeVee 3 app already featured more than 30,000 TV shows, serving up push notifications for when your favorite programs are due to air in your locale. Though, of course, you can’t watch these shows in-app – this is just a tracker. With version 3.0, TeeVee is now universal – meaning it’s now optimized for iPad too, with full syncing enabled via iCloud. Additionally, syncing has been opened to Trakt as well.


Other enhancements include a refreshed interface with iOS 7 firmly in mind, and it includes background refresh which means your data is automatically updated behind the scenes. Moreover, the iPhone incarnation has a new full-screen layout for the homescreen, a new navigation system involving pulling up/down for perusing episodes, and localizations for Czech, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, German, and Slovak.

You can grab the all-new TeeVee from the App Store now, costing $2.99 or your local currency equivalent. The update is, of course, free for existing users.

TeeVee 3 | App Store