brings context via related stories to its customizable RSS feeds brings context via related stories to its customizable RSS feeds

In May last year, we brought you news on, a Web-based RSS reader that lets you create tailored feeds by keywords and popularity.

At its most basic level, was an RSS reader, but it was the ‘Probes’ feature that was particularly interesting. For example, if you only want to receive feeds on “YouTube videos on Reddit with more than 1,000 Likes”, you could create a Probe that taps both YouTube and Reddit to present this information directly in your feed.

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With its latest update, however, may have just gotten smarter. With so-called ‘Insight Cards’, rather than simply presenting headlines and stories, wants to help you understand the context quicker.


Indeed, next to each story sub-topics display related items, with mining any hidden links between articles – it may know that Facebook is a ‘Company on the NASDAQ’ and surface stories accordingly, for example.

Other new features of the Web app refresh include a new responsive design to suit the device you’re reading on, and a tiled feed layout.

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