What do you do when you’ve garnered 6.5 million Twitter followers through dispensing nothing but fascinating factoids? Launch an iPhone app, of course.

UberFacts has built a gargantuan following by delivering nuggets such as the most effective way of getting rid of itches, and the meaning of the word Pistanthrophobia. And now you can immerse yourself in these glorious trivia tidbits with a native mobile app, which will work in tandem with its existing Web-based portal.

You swipe to view facts that are divided into ten categories (e.g. Wildlife, The Internet, Life & Death), while you can also network with other users, ‘Like’ specific facts, and share directly across the social sphere.

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You can sign up with your Twitter credentials or email address, or skip this process altogether and simply browse without interacting at all with the content or other users.

UberFacts is available to download from the App Store now.

UberFacts | App Store