If you frequently find yourself tweaking your device settings to suit a specific app, then you might like App Config for Android.

Let’s say you prefer Netflix on full-brightness while streaming over WiFi only, but then you’re happy to read BBC News on a dimly-lit screen using mobile data, this is the exact scenario App Config caters for.

You click on the apps you wish to configure, at which point you can stipulate screen orientation, volume and screen brightness, while confirming whether you wish to activate Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile data connections.


The free version will likely be fine for most people, though a paid upgrade removes the ads and serves up additional options including one to launch App Config on boot, and settings specifically for launchers. We’d love to see GPS included as an option too, and there’s no real reason why that couldn’t be included in a future update.

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App Config | Google Play [Via XDA Developers]