Morning for iOS has proven to be a popular tool for getting all the crucial need-to-knows to start your day, but thus far it has been an iPad-only affair. With the latest update, however, two-man development team Tamper has made it available for iPhone users too.

In a nutshell, Morning collates all the information you may need to know each morning, including weather, tasks, traffic (commute time), news, calendar, stocks, countdown timer and, of course, time. Additionally, you can customize the look-and-feel with a range of themes.


Morning is a beautiful app for sure and, as such, it has actually been pre-installed on iPad demo units in some Apple’s retail stores around the world.

You can grab Morning from the App Store now for $3.99, and the good news is if you’ve already procured it for iPad, you won’t have to pay a penny more for the iPhone incarnation.

Morning | App Store