iSupr8, the Instagram-like HD video filter for iPhones is now available on Android

iSupr8, the Instagram-like HD video filter for iPhones is now available on Android

It’s been a long time coming, but iSupr8, the app for creating vintage-looking videos from your smartphone from MEA Mobile, is now available for Android devices.

We say it’s been a long time coming because the iOS version launched way back in 2011, before Vine even existed for your video needs and before Instagram supported videos. However, where Instagram and Vine have a limited duration (and Vine doesn’t yet have filters), iSupr8 will let you create retro classics as long as you like, plus you can do it in 1080p HD and choose from a range of film stocks that add a projector frame, flicker, grain, scratches, vignette, noise and film-burn to your video.

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Once you’re happy with your work, you can share it via Facebook, YouTube, email and other channels.


When quizzed over the gap between launches, Rob Macfarlane, co-founder of MEA Mobile, said that it had taken “a pile of low level custom coding to get the true analogue feel of scratches, burn and dirt. Developing this app wasn’t for the feint hearted.” He added that improvements in phone hardware – like processor speeds – have also helped. “Now you can render HD video without your phone melting,” he added.

The app is available to download now from Google Play priced at $0.99/£0.59.

➤ iSupr8 [Google Play]

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